About Us

Canaan Industries is a metal fabrication company, specializing in laser cutting , welding, forming and bending to your design and engineering specifications.  The business was founded in 2003 by Brad Ramcke.

With nearly 15 years of metal fabrication experience, ranging from structural steel/CAD design, robotic/automated welding, to plant management.  With our team of highly skilled fabricators , Canaan Industries delivers superior quality based on proven experience.

Canaan Industries

Melissa, Taylor, Brad & Hannah

The name “Canaan Industries ,” was chosen based on the Biblical account of Abraham, leaving his home and moving to a new land that the Lord would show him.  This land was called “Canaan”, and is known today as Israel.  Starting something new can be challenging and rewarding.  Like Abraham, Brad placed his faith in God, who has provided and blessed his business.


Team Member Bios


Brad Ramcke
The business was founded in 2003 by Brad Ramcke.  With nearly 15 years of metal fabrication experience, Brad’s education and skills range from; structural steel/CAD design, robotic/automated welding, CNC programming, to Plant management.  Brad is the leader of our team at Canaan Industries.


John Ramcke
Retired VP from the banking industry, John brings financial knowledge, managerial experience and displays a work ethic that is modeled for others.  Responsibilities:  Laser operation, shipping/receiving, and accounting.


John Wistert
7 years of metal fabrication experience, John has a diverse background in wood working and metal fabrication, however, he has excelled in the welding process including; Mig, Tig (aluminum), and resistance welding.  Responsibilities: Welding, assembly, press brake operation, and structural fabrication.


Bob Lancour
Bob is the owner of Integrated Welding Systems, which designs and manufactures automated welding systems for OEM companies.  Bob and Brad developed a working relationship while working together at an automated welding distributor.  Bob’s expertise in welding compliments Canaan’s automated welding capability.



Client Testimonial

"Canaan Industries handles a wide variety of metal fabrication parts.  They are easy to work with and provide expert advice on how to best manufacture parts for our business".


Russ Gename
ISP Stitching and Bindery
Racine, Wisconsin

Industries We Serve

  • Stitching and Bindery
  • Retail/Grocery Display
  • Commercial HVAC
  • Packaging and Printing
  • Health Care
  • Architectural/Ornamental
  • Electrical/Electronics
  • Paint Racking
  • Custom Signs
  • Motor Sports 

News Flash

Canaan Industries uses advanced technology to electronically accept part designs and engineering drawings. 

Upon review by Canaan's staff, the specifications are transmitted to our laser cutting machines.  Within a matter of minutes, parts are cut exactly to the customer's requirements.

News Flash

We produce quality parts ranging from single prototypes to large scale production runs. 

Virtually every design can be cut to the exact specifications detailed on the engineering plans. 

Canaan Industries

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